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marketing.strategies What strategies work in today’s Japanese market?
This paper examines how economic, social, demographic, technological and cultural variables shape market strategies, and how those strategies in turn are able to take advantage of unique Japanese conditions to achieve successful market penetration.
all.nations.2 An American business model in Japan
This case describes how All Nations Society – a pioneer in the very traditional industry of funeral services – has applied an American approach to pricing and service bundling to build a competitive advantage for itself against domestic Japanese companies. Their experience is unique, but applicable to many other industries.
marketing.revolution A Marketing revolution in the making
Imagine products that can communicate because of imbedded chips. Bottles of shampoo, refrigerators, cars or mobile phones can now tell us where they are and when they were made, and this is just the beginning. This revolution is based on the technology of wireless communications, and while no one yet knows what the “killer app” will be, it is obvious that value chain and marketing management will change dramatically under its influence.
explaining.present Explaining the Present
This article attempts to explain the paradox of Japan’s postwar economic rise and decline in an integrated way by drawing on what we know about the nation’s past. The analysis incorporates relevant information from Japan’s pre-modern experience during the Tokugawa and Muromachi periods to give a more textured interpretation of current Japanese behavior and policy.
How “Bad” is Bad Customer Service?
This article provocatively asks the reader to consider whether a service economy with bad service can survive in a world of increasing competition. Customer Service – Japanese Style
Japan and the US are both changing in their interpretations of customer service, but they are not converging. They are moving in parallel, with each striking out in its own direction.
all.nations All Nations Society Revisited
After it cracked the Japanese market with its US style funeral service business, ANS realized that it had to continue to adapt and expand its product line if it was going to survive. This is how they have managed to stay ahead of the curve. Marketing Japanese Media Overseas
This original case study describes the entrepreneurial marketing which brought TOKYOPOP recognition and market share in North America and Europe and revenues of $40 million. But the story is far from over, and the company’s tri-continental strategy continues to meet obstacles as it fights to build on its initial successes in this tough arena of the entertainment world. Customer Relationship Management – Japanese Style
Many American companies have integrated service practices with technology using CRM software to reduce costs, improve productivity, manage their customer relationships and enhance their knowledge about those customers. But in Japan, companies have different priorities for their customer service strategies. Original field studies help identify those differences, and the mind set that prevents a more rapid introduction of CRM practices that are common in the United States.